Saturday, 14 December 2013

A trip to Maidreamin Maid Cafe at Akihabara

Hey guys.

It's been a while since I blogged. I've been busy dealing with stuff. I've finally contacted a moving company to help me move but there wasn't much stuff so it's pretty cheap! (thank goodness!). But I will still have to move some things myself because I don't have enough bags or boxes to move the stuff, nonetheless I'll get by. If you believe you can, you will!

I'll be moving out next week and I'll use the weekends to do the packing up and setting up the house. I hate dormitory checks. If only I moved out last month! But I can't because I've paid for this month's rent so whatever.

I know I leave out some events in my life and didn't write about it. But sometimes when I want to write about it, I realise I have nothing special to write about. I mean, if I'm just going to post photos about it, I'd rather just upload it to facebook or instagram or something. I mean, I want to write. lol. (or at least try to write! lol)

Anyways, yesterday I met up with Dea after school and we went off to Akihabara to have our lunch and her debut trip to a maid cafe! I think it's really important to have good company because it would change everything from, "it's not bad" to "awesome!!"

Before i start off, I just want to say that, to be able to know Dea was the most miraculous meetings ever. We just clicked off so well and we have quite a lot of things in common. Not everything but most; and the fact that we like piggies, I think that's like the best common interest ever. I mean, it's really difficult to find anyone who likes pigs or think they are cute. Maybe the huge ones are not very cute, but the fact that they are fat and chubby makes them cute! It's not always the face, y'know?

Maidreamin key holder
13 December 2013

We went to this pretty famous maid cafe called, "Mai Dreamin". This time, I had so much fun! Even more fun than the first time I went. I think it's because there is cute bartender guy there as well who helped us to make the super adorable, specially requested, pig parfait!! We requested it if it can be made into a pig instead of the usual animals that they do and we managed to get it! Look how cute it is!

Animal Parfait set (pig design)
13 December 2013

There was also this cake set which we got. We ordered something different for each other so we could different stuff. They drew this really cute bear at the side. And, anything that has a bear or is a bear reminds me of my best friend Shizuka-chan.

Cake of the day set.
13 December 2013

After we had our meals, there was this "live" which we somehow unintentionally ordered. We asked for an akb song and there was this maid and this otaku who knew how to do the chants and stuff. So everything got really hyped up at that moment. lol. I guess that was the most enjoyable part of this whole trip to the maid cafe. lol.

Also, I guess it was because I was with Dea-chan during this trip. Our character has quite abit of similarities so we clicked really well.

I almost forgot, before we headed off to the maid cafe, we had our lunch and spent time at the arcade. She is really good at VS games! We played the new Persona 4 VS game and she totally owned me and she went off to challenge the PC onto the 5th stage! So cool right?! I have another cool and adorable friend!! haha.

I'll be meeting her with her friends for a year-end party later tonight. Our last meeting before she leaves for her university in Melbourne! I'm going to miss her!

I shall go take a shower and slowly get ready. I need to make a trip to the bank anyways. Been spending a little too much recently. *sigh*

I guess I'll just starve a little next month.


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